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What Makes a Good Careers Site

Disappointed with your careers site stats? Not seeing the engagement and applications you want?

Uncover the secrets to creating a careers site that stops your ideal talent in their tracks and puts you a cut above in a noisy job market. By the end of this session, you’ll know what’s needed for a site that reflects your unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and leverages SEO to attract top talent in markets like retail, entertainment, hospitality and FMCG.  

You’ll also discover how to build trust with authentic employee content and write attention-grabbing job description that sell opportunities, rather than just listing requirements.

Key Takeaways

  1. Before investing in career site content, define precisely who you want to attract: their traits, values, and online presence. Tailor role communication based on different personas.
  2. Conduct competitor research to understand how they present roles, pay rates, and benefits. Use tools like SimilarWeb to analyse their traffic composition. Learn from best practices and differentiate.
  3. Craft compelling job descriptions to capture candidates' attention. Highlight team, culture, and hiring steps rather than just responsibilities and perks. Utilise tools like Job Page Grader for content refinement.
  4. Optimise your recruitment process to reduce abandonment rates. Enhance candidate journey and minimise technological friction.
  5. Invest in SEO to improve recruitment efforts. Strong SEO can elevate job visibility, potentially outperforming platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.


Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor
Managing Director

Tom Hacquoil

Tom Hacquoil
Group Director, Talent, Leadership & Learning
Merlin Entertainment

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