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Breathe Life into Your EVP in a Year Where Budgets may be Flat

In this dynamic session, we'll dive into practical, cost-effective strategies to evaluate, rejuvenate, and realign your EVP with the evolving needs and aspirations of your workforce, all without stretching your budget.

Key Takeaways

  1. Trust in brands is at an all-time low. People increasingly feel that brands don’t have their best interests at heart, which has a massive impact on employee engagement, as well as customer satisfaction.
  2. We often think about EVP’s granularly within our organisations, but wider socioeconomic factors are hugely impactful, and should be informing how and when we adapt our propositions.
  3. Anticipate whether your brand needs an EVP refresh by looking at two things: return and resilience. How is your EVP performing? And is it thriving in its competitive environment?


Julie Randall

Julie Randall
Head Of Strategy

Charu Malhotra

Charu Malhotra
Global Employer Branding & Inclusive Recruitment Communications Expert

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